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Testimonials are important because they help build credibility with our future customers. In short, these reviews/testimonials allow us to use our customer’s words to show how Allies of Skin’s product or service solved a problem for them.

Most people always look at reviews before ordering something on the site for the first time, be it a product or a service. Besides, the presence of reviews always shows the potential customer that we work honestly and do not deceive our customers.

Stop for a moment and think of a few customer reviews or testimonials you’ve read. Of those, focus on one example testimonial that’s persuaded you to become a customer.

What is a Testimonial?

A testimonial is a statement from a past customer that describes how a product or service helped them. Testimonials are often written by the business based on specific questions they ask satisfied customers. They usually show impact through before-and-after comparisons or provide specific improvement statistics.

Testimonials - Picture of the Probiotic Treatment Mist.
Molecular Saviour – Probiotics Treatment Mist

Testimonials are different from reviews because reviews are generally unguided and are written directly by the customer. Testimonials can help build trust and credibility with your customers, especially if they are used to overcoming skepticism. Companies usually display them on the front page of their website, marketing materials, and social media profiles.

How to Write a Testimonial

Testimonials are one of the most important tools a company can use to show potential customers how valuable their products and services are. Testimonials are short statements that describe how a product or service works for a customer.

In this article, we describe what a testimonial is, explain how to write one, define the different types, and offer some examples.

Why are Testimonials Important?

Testimonials are important because they help us to build credibility with future customers. Testimonials allow us to use your words to show how a product or service solved a problem for them.

Future customers respond to testimonials as more authentic than a company’s statements about their products, especially if there is a before-and-after image, a video, or statistics to clearly show the results. Testimonials help our future customers see what our company can offer them through a marketing tactic that seems very similar to word of mouth.

Writing Your Testimonial

Here is how to write an effective and provocative testimonial:

  1. Determine what story you want to tell
  2. Ask specific questions
  3. Keep it short and conversational
  4. Use your name and include pictures, if possible

 1.Determine What Story You Want to Tell

You want your testimonial to tell a story about the product and business. You should consider what kind of feelings you experienced, what challenges you overcame, and what value you found in using the services or products.

Once you decide what narrative you are building, you can also decide what kind of testimonial would work best for you.

  1. Ask specific questions

Ask questions. Build your questions around the story you are telling about the service or products. Your questions should be specific and open-ended so you can get as much information as possible.

  1. Conversational

Your testimonial should only be two or three paragraphs, at most. They should be written in your tone so that your testimonial doesn’t seem overly formal or technical. Testimonials are accessible, easy-to-understand content that connects with the reader.

  1. Use your name and include pictures, if possible

You may want to use your name for the testimonial to feel genuine. Associating your name with the testimonial will help future customers put a name to the story the testimonial is telling.

Pictures are an important part of storytelling, and your readers will respond to them, whether it is before and after images or a company logo. Please include an image to demonstrate the value of the services or products.

What Is It That Makes That Testimonial So Compelling?

If you try to name specific qualities, your list might look like this:

  • It offers specifics about the customer’s experience
  • The testimonial tells a before-and-after story
  • It preempts or answers an objection
  • Most of all, it feels authentic

These are the four essential characteristics of a great testimonial. Combined, they encourage the reader to identify with the testimonial writer. A good testimonial also helps the reader imagine what their lives would be like if they used your product or service.

Allies of Skin Testimonials

Testimonials - Picture of the Molecular Silk Amino Hydrating Cleanser.
Molecular Silk Amino Hydrating Cleanser

Allies of Skin has received some great testimonials over the years! From ordinary people and famous doctors, Allies of Skinproducts have been loved by everyone from all walks of life!

In short, future customers respond to testimonials because they are more authentic than a company’s statements about their products. This is especially true if there is a before-and-after image, a video, or statistics to clearly show any results. Testimonials also help future customers see what the company can offer them through a marketing tactic that seems very similar to word of mouth.

Most importantly, people consult testimonials and reviews to determine whether they trust a product, service, or even a seller. Buyers read seven reviews on average before deciding to trust a business. In addition, testimonials and customer reviews provide feedback to makers of products so that they can make improvements that better serve the client.

Note: On their Webpage, Allies of Skin has numerous publications that have articles that include many of the products that you can purchase from their website. You can read about the product on the national publisher’s site before you make a purchase. READ SOME GREAT ARTICLES ON SKINCARE FROM THE PRESS PAGE!

How Can Allies of Skin Help?

You can drop Allies of Skin an email at to leave feedback, ask questions about your order, their products, and their website, or just Allies of Skin in general. Allow them to help you. They firmly believe in regularly touching base with their allies. This will help them serve you and your skin better, so feedback is always appreciated!

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