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WELCOME TO OUR WEBSITE! You have arrived at our Contact Us page. I am James M. (Mick) Krug. I am a retired Federal employee. I worked for the Federal Government (FERC) for 34 years and retired in January 2009. For the last 20 years, I have worked as an Information Technology Specialist handling various databases involving quarterly and annual accounting data from natural gas pipeline companies, oil pipeline companies, and electric utility companies. I am a business school graduate (Management/Entrepreneurship) from the University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland).


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We chose skincare as our niche after I had two bouts with skin cancer in the past few years. I have been lucky so far in that my doctors have removed all traces of the tumors and they have not returned. Skin cancer can kill you! The most dangerous type of skin cancer is fast-growing and can easily metastasize (move into other organs of the body). This type of skin cancer is called melanoma. The first of my two skin cancers was squamous cell carcinoma. The second cancer I had was melanoma. Fortunately, my doctors caught both in time. I highly recommend using sunscreen of at least 30 SPF when outdoors in the sun.

Currently, we are an internet marketing affiliate/publisher for Allies of Skin, an industry leader in the dermatology advanced skincare field. Allies of Skin has some of the finest products you will find anywhere on the internet at competitive prices. Feel free to browse our website here for information on Allies of Skin’s products and use our links to take you to Allies of Skin’s website to purchase whatever products you may need.


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My wife, Graciela, is also retired after a distinguished career as an administrative officer with the Embassy of Spain and the Catholic Diocese of Arlington, Virginia. Graciela has been instrumental in helping develop the content that we have on our three websites. Furthermore, she has been very diligent with the proper use of grammar and spelling. Likewise, many thanks to her for the hard work she performed. She also took great care of me during my two bouts with skin cancer. She is my inspiration and a Godsend!

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I have been an avid golfer all my life so it’s only natural that we have a golf website as well. Consequently, we are an internet marketing affiliate/publisher for Golf Direct Now (GDN). GDN has a huge supply of golf clubs, bags, golf balls, apparel, and accessories from over 82 different suppliers. Their website has some fantastic prices. View our golf website, which is located at ⇒

Also, my wife and I have been fortunate enough to travel the world and we wanted to share our experiences in helping you the prospective traveler with all your travel needs. We are also an internet marketing affiliate/publisher for CheapOair. CheapOair is one of the top 5 online travel agencies in the United States and is the number 2 online travel agency in flight volume. We are dedicated to getting you the best fares and rates possible for all your travel needs! View our travel website, which is located at ⇒

If you have any questions or want to provide feedback, feel free to contact us at or Also, you can contact us by leaving a comment at the bottom of one of our pages.

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